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Daylilies By Wes


This page contains explanations of various terms located through out this site. Many of the definitions will be my own interpretation, and not the "official" dictionary definition. With that said, the definitions I use are (to the best of my ability) correct enough for use by the casual gardner. This site is geared towards educating new comers to the world of daylilies, and many of the "official" definitions used are long winded and full of technical terms that only a Botanist would love. It is my goal to make the definitions correct, easy to read, and understand. If any errors are found, please contact me, and I will make the appropriate adjustments.

Herbaceous - A plant that has no or very little woody parts. An example of plants that are herbaceous include pansy, petunia, begonia, and tomatoes.

Perennial - A plant that returns year after year. Examples of perennial plants are lantana, daylilies, and most turf grasses.

Hemerocallidaceae - The plant family that daylilies belong to.

Liliaceae - The Lily family. Daylilies were once placed in this family, but are now placed in their own family.

Hemerocallis - The genus name of daylilies.

Genus - Classification rank below "Family" and above "Species". Plant scientific names are often written with genus listed first, and then the species. The scientific name for the species daylily "fulva" would be written as Hemerocallis fulva, or H.fulva for short.



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